Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover Catered service and DIY services below.

Deposit – Catering, equipment hire, marquee hire, and staff supply are booked on the strict understanding that a deposit is required in advance to allocate and book you order. Remaining balances are due two weeks prior to the event.

Catered – Quality – We use only purpose made fully automatic CE approved catering equipment, which are specifically manufactured to the highest quality to give faultless results time after time.

Catered – Lamb, Pork, Beef, and chicken are all chosen from local suppliers for their freshness and reduced carbon foot print.

Catered – Hygiene and Cleanliness – Each member of our staff wears hygienic protective clothing and sterile protective gloves during the carving and handling of your food.

Catered – Refrigeration – Meat,  and vegetables are kept within the correct temperatures at all times. A spit roast that is booked on a Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday would have been stored in our own purpose built commercial refrigerators until required on the day of the event.

Safety – Equipment is regularly checked for safety. Electrical equipment is PAT tested. No equipment in our current fleet of hog roast ovens or barbeques are more than 3 years old. A strict regime of modernisation is adhered to, not only to ensure reliability, but safety too.

Catered Ovens – Hog and Lamb roast ovens get very hot by definition, therefore Health & Safety regulations apply. Please specify in advance if you wish your guests to experience the theatre and aroma of the whole hog roasting event by having the hog or lamb in view. Extra cooking time would have to be calculated due to the spit roasting machines being opened for frequent to viewing.

DIY Booking – your Hog or Lamb Roast is very easy, just inform us of the date of your event (the sooner the better). If you are just hiring the spit roast machine on a DIY [Do It Yourself] basis, please ensure that parking is available onsite, alternatively within 20 meters of the venue. Disbursements relating to offsite parking remain the responsability of the client.

Plates, China & Cutlery – For outside catered events we supply disposables commensurate with the food you order. Disposable plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins and wax paper wraps are available.

Catering Area – A summer ball, school reunion, weddings and any other event held in a marquee will normally require preparation in the days leading up to the event., whilst we can boast purpose built kitchens to cater for these events it is normal for your marquee hire company to ask you what your caterers require in the form of a covered catering area. It is almost impossible to provide a professional catering service in space that amateurs or “warm up” caterers would work in.

Safe Access to Catering Area – The client is responsible for providing clear access with a well lit clear path to and from the catering or marquee areas. The catering or marquee areas must be secured to the ground and fit for the purposes of catering, and or housing staff. The company cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever or subsequent delayed serving times as a result of failed “party tents”. Other such recreational structures that are absent of ground wall support rails which may subsequently allow walls, doors, or roofs to break loose, and or flap in breezy or windy conditions will cause unavoidable delays in service. If extra lighting is required the client authorises the company to erect supplementary lighting and charge in accordance with their normal hire charges for those items.

Allergies – Any special allergies must be made know to us by separate letter addressed to “The Manager” prior to your event. This will ensure that special dietary requirements are adhered to in respect of food preparation. On the day of your event any guests with special pre-arranged dietary requirement should make themselves known to the chef or supervisor in charge of your event.

Catered & DIY – Inclement Weather – If you provide a shelter please make sure the shelter has all 4 sides with a zip or lace up entrance. Gazebos do not normally have sides and extend cooking times when raining and windy. Severe weather and sub zero temperatures may increase cooking times at any event that has not supplied an adequate shelter.

DIY & Catered Power Supply – An electric power supply is required for our roasting machines, for the supply of electricity to the spit roasting motor.

DIY – Collection & Delivery – Beyond a 30 mile radius an additional rate of £1.00 per mile is charged. It should be noted that the mileage rates relate to the cost of running a vehicle per mile.

Catered – Portion Control – It is vital that you give us an accurate account of the portions/covers to be catered. We always cater for healthy appetites. Accurate guest numbers allow us to prepare and provide for all.

Force Majeure – We cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the “performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to “force majeure”. Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, road traffic accidents, wet or windy weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control”.

Catered – Quotes – We reserve the right to withdraw any catering discounts or quotes rendering them “null and void” unless bookings are confirmed and deposits lodged by return. Availability is advised at the point of enquiry and is available on a first come first served basis.

Catered – Contract Price – When a “Contract Price” has been offered and accepted, any subsequent variation in guest numbers may renders that contract price Null and Void. An updated quantity or menu will automatically default to the online quoting system at the time of change.

Catered & DIY – Payment Terms – Deposits are received to book catering staff, allocate equipment, advance order produce for your event, and administration. Booking your event closes our availability to other clients and therefore a deposit is not refundable. Clients may wish to investigate obtaining cover from an event insurance company if cancellation might be a concern.

Catering Hire – Payment Terms – Customers are required to pay a deposit to secure any order. The deposit incorporates a bond to cover any possible breakages which will be returned after checks have taken place. Full payment of the order must be received in advance of delivery. We prefer payment by cash or direct payment into our bank account. If you pay by cheque then please provide this 14 days prior to your event. We also accept payment via Paypal / Debit or Credit cards using our payment form in the right side bar (an additional processing charge of 2% will be added to your order).

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